Search Engine Optimization

High quality links that increase your authority within Google’s algorithm. Specialized techniques and strategies are developed for every client!

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Brand Marketing

Increasing your brand awareness. Personalized branding strategies using, SEO, SMM, SEM and various other strategies.

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Video Marketing

Custom branded videos with calls-to-action (contact information). Hosted on your business’ YouTube account to help build social authority!

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Social Media Management

Social media account management across multiple platforms. The big five, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube.

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Digital Marketing Solutions

Digital marketing is no longer the new and edgy way to increase your brands awareness on the web. It is the “now,” because every company has a digital marketing agency aiding in their search engine optimization (SEO), Social Media Management (SMM), and the strategies to go along with them. AU Digital Solutions provides all of those services and more to aid in increased web traffic, brand recognition, and the ability to engage your customers in new and creative ways. Using a digital marketing agency and their SEO services can really help increase a businesses web traffic but expectations need to be set when designing the campaign. Compare search engine optimization to a marathon, not a sprint. A foundation needs to be built around a businesses website in order to gain trust within Google’s algorithm (Google Authority levels or PageRank). Some companies may use “black-hat” SEO tactics, while AU Digital Solutions stays on top of the Google algorithm updates, new SEO trends to avoid penalization from Google, and to mask our efforts from our clients competitors.