Usman Ahmad, VP of Sales

Usman Ahmad joins the AU Digital Solutions leadership in 2014, with over ten years of managerial experience in retail, transportation, and search engine optimization (SEO). Born and raised in Reston, Virginia, Usman has a proven background in organizational design, corporate operations, and process standardization. Usman received his Degree in Business Administration, with a focus in Organizational Design.

Usman Ahmad is the VP of Sales and customer support for AU Digital Solutions, and supports other executives in their duties and activities, as appropriate. Additionally, Usman is responsible for the client management and measuring the successes of each marketing venture through key performance indicators. Usman has been instrumental in building the business development pipeline, negotiating terms and conditions with AU Digital Solutions clients, and overseeing the implementation of a project management plan for each client or venture and is responsible for the staff operations, implementation of the Executive Committee Directives, program management, and communication controls.