On-Page Optimization

Search engine optimization is something that all business owners need to make sure they focus on when determining their marketing budget. Off-page optimization aids in increased domain authority and page authority which helps Google determine the strength of a website. This is not the only part of an SEO campaign that Google and other search engines look for when their “bots” crawl a website. Their search algorithms seek out good, high quality, relevant content. This is called, On-page optimization or On-page SEO.

Google, among other search engines, uses your content as a way to provide those searching for specific information the best and most accurate results possible. The algorithm determines where a website will be placed on its search engine results pages (SERP) by calculating content keyword densities, URL structure (permalinks), Meta titles, Meta descriptions, inner-outer linking, image alt-tags, and domain name. All of this helps search engines determine for, what keywords you will be placed, what rank you will be placed, and what type of information will be displayed.

Default Meta Titles and Descriptions

A big issue that is seen among most website owners is their meta titles and descriptions are usually set to default parameters. This means search engines just pull the name of the page and pulls the body content as the meta description. This is not bad but you can optimize your search results so much more by researching keywords that are desired and adding them to your title and description. The key is to get as many relevant keywords in your meta title (stay under 70 characters) and meta descriptions (stay under 170 characters). Do this for every page and post, except account pages or checkout pages, and there will be an increased exposure of your website for the particular keywords you are trying to target.

Everything regarding your on-page optimization is weighted a little bit differently but if you take the time to do all the above you can help your website gain some well needed authority. If the on-page optimization is paired with a great Off-page search engine optimization campaign, increased rankings and exposure of a website will be seen quicker than if one or the other is included in your strategy.