SEO Lead Generation

Performing search engine optimization (SEO) on a businesses website is not the only method of generating new qualified leads to increase business. SEO lead generation is great method to increase web traffic, phone calls, and views in order to increase the amount of qualified leads a business can receive without using its website as the primary or first level in the sales funnel.

SEO Lead Generation Ideas

Below is a list of proven methods of lead generation without utilizing your website as the first step of the sales funnel:

  • Video marketing and YouTube channel
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
  • Exact Match Domain buying

Video Marketing

Utilizing video marketing and YouTube as a hub for generating phone leads and new website visitors is a great way to increase business. This method takes some time because a video must be created, uploaded, and optimized on a businesses YouTube channel in order to receive the full effect. These videos can be great in an ever changing world where people would rather watch a simple video describing a product, service, or business than read about one. These videos can be short 30 second clips with simple contact information or can be in-depth videos to engage the customers and clients further. This is predicated on the targeted market you are trying to reach and the niche that is being portrayed to that targeted market (landscaping, plumbing, consulting, etc.). Using a call to action (phone number, website, contact email, etc.) within the video and on the description of the video lets people easily contact your business and will help generate leads once the video is ranking for a specific keyword(s).

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Pay-Per-Click is just the way it sounds, you pay for each click you receive when someone views your ad and clicks on it, redirecting them to your website or landing page. Depending upon how difficult the market you are trying to penetrate is you could see upwards of 5 dollars a click. It is not odd to see 20 dollars a click for particular keywords in a particularly difficult market where multiple businesses are bidding for ad space.

This method is short and sweet and takes little time to set-up. This is also the fastest way to generate leads to your website or landing pages with your contact information, however, it is not the most cost effective and can be expensive. The time consuming portion of PPC advertisements is honing in on your target market and learning where to best spend your marketing dollars. This could take a month to 6 months depending on how broad of terms (keywords) you decide to choose for your business. One of the best methods to attempt first is to use a geo tag keyword within the keyword of choice, for example, “best plumbing in Washington DC.” This will help increase the quality of the lead as they should  be customers seeking plumbing in Washington DC not in NYC. Narrowing the market and specifically targeting geographic areas, using buyer keywords (buy, find, locate, etc.), and words like “best” will narrow down and help increase lead quality and help save from spending money on keywords that generate poor leads or the wrong type of leads a business is seeking.

Exact Match Domain Buying

Exact match domain buying is a great way to help your business website generate leads or by utilizing the domain as your businesses websites domain forever to help increase rankings for your companies official website. An example of this would be if you are a plumber in Washington DC, you would want to own a domain similar to this example, or These will rank for keywords that have the terms “Washington DC,” “best,” and “plumber,” in them simply because it is in your domain name. This method can be used to rank multiple assets (websites or landing pages) for multiple keywords in order to overtake and own more “digital real estate” for particular keywords. You can utilize these domains as landing pages to generate more traffic for your personal website or to generate phone leads.