Brand Marketing

Many employees in an organization can’t even recite a companies mission statement let alone the culture of an organization. We can help clear up any confusion among employees and customersby clearly stating the mission statement and expressing the perceived culture. If the idea and message of a company is lost at the employee level your brand loses its sharpened edge to attract new clients or employees. This is not always the case with established brands and organizations but those brands can be updated to fulfill the needs of an ever changing world and stay ahead of the game. This means several documents need to be created, adjusted, and defined to fit the parameters we set:

  • Mission Statement
  • Company Culture
  • Messaging Guide
  • Social Media Guide
  • Blog Guide
  • Content Guide
  • Video Guide
  • Employee Guide

AU Digital Solutions designs all of their brand marketing strategies and custom fits it to match the needs of its clients. They have top researchers that stay ahead of the curve with new and improved methods to increase brand awareness and share with the world our clients expertise, products, services, and more! Their team is here to not only help with increasing brand awareness on the web and to consumers but within the organization as well. Branding is something that needs to be taken very seriously!