Analytics & Reporting

AU Digital Solutions provides many tools and reports to help educate our clients on the investment they are making with their digital marketing campaign. These tools not only educate but provide numbers and visible, tangible, results of our marketing efforts. This helps shed light on the uncertainty of what Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can do for your business in the short and long-term.

Providing a custom web portal to each of our clients to display the results of their SEO campaign is very key to ensuring the knowledge of how the campaign is working, is easily available, and easily understood. Our SEO and customer support teams are here to help each client understand the process of search engine optimization, social media marketing, and search engine marketing services. Our custom web portal will display the current rankings of each keyword that we have decided to use for our campaign. The power to check your rankings on a daily basis is in our clients hands. We check the rankings twice a week for each and every client but the portal is set-up to provide daily, weekly, and monthly results for each of the keywords chosen.

We like to use Google Analytics to help us with our analysis to see where are our clients web traffic is coming from and the demographics of that traffic. We do not get to see where exact organic traffic comes from due to Google changing their policy, however, we do get very pertinent information that aids in our teams ability to effectively manage our clients campaigns and make adjustments when needed. We also get to see what type of traffic our clients predominantly receive, referral, direct (typing in the direct URL link), organic,  or paid traffic (PPC advertisements).

Our goal is to not only provide the results of their campaign but to educate and make aware of what every little detail means to our clients.